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Bangladeshi citizens can file a US Visa application from Bangladesh. The USA issues both Immigrant and Nonimmigrant Visas to the people of Bangladesh. The article addresses Nonimmigrant visa categories. Here you will get to know detailed information about (a) US Tourist Visa and (b) US Business Visa. So if you are here to learn the process of the US Travel Visa Application, go over it with us till the end.  


  1. US Visa Application From Bangladesh
  2. US Visa Processing Agency 
  3. Contact
  4. US Nonimmigrant Visa
  5. US Visa Type
  6. US Visa Requirements 
  7. US Visa Fee for Bangladeshi 
  8. US Visa Processing Time 
  9. US Visa Application Form 
  10. US Visa Request Letter
  11. USA Travel Itinerary
  12. Sample Resume 
  13. No Objection Certificate (NOC)
  14. Photo Requirements For US Visa
  15. US Visa Invitation Letter 
  16. How To Pay US Visa Fee
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US Visa Processing Agency

AirFare BD, a subsidiary of Buy Air Ticket Ltd., is a renowned US Visa Processing Agency in Bangladesh. We have processed hundreds of US Visas in recent times. The visa success rate of our agency is 97%. We process visas in less time and offer convenient travel services worldwide. We are an IATA-accredited and ATAB-associated travel agency in Dhaka (Dhanmondi). For any travel services, including visa processing, air ticket booking, tour packages, hotel room reservations, etc., feel free to contact us.


For Visa Processing & Other Travel Services

Mobile: 01616 13 13 18 Phone: 09678 742 742
WhatsApp, Messenger 

Address: House# 518, 

(Adjacent to BEL Tower-BEXIMCO) 

Flat 4/A, Road# 01, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1205


US Nonimmigrant Visa 

A US nonimmigrant visa is intended for a temporary stay in the US whether for visit purposes or Business. The visa includes (a) US Tourist Visa and (b) US Business Visa. Both visa applicants have to apply through DS-160 form (US Nonimmigrant Visa Application Form). Then, create a profile on the US Visa Application Portal for visa fee payment and schedule an appointment for the visa interview. Check out the flowchart below for the USA visa application process.

usa visa application process

  1. Submit Nonimmigrant Visa Application Form (DS-160).
  2. Create An Account On The US Visa Application Portal.
  3. Pay The Visa Application Fee.
  4. Schedule An Appointment For Your Visa Interview.
  5. Print Your Appointment Confirmation Letter. 

Documents Required For DS-160 Form Submission 

  1. Scanned Copy of Passport Valid For More Than Six Months Beyond Your Stay In The US. 
  2. Scanned Copy of Recent Photograph snapped in not more than six months.
  3. Travel Itinerary (if already made). 
  4. USA Visiting Dates (last five, if any). 
  5. CV or Resume. 
  6. Other Relevant Documents. 

Required Documents For The Visa Interview 

  1. Original Passport Valid For More Than Six Months Beyond Your Stay In The US. 
  2. DS-160 Confirmation Page. 
  3. 1 Hardcopy Of Photograph Snapped Not More Than 6 Months.
  4. Visa Fee Payment Receipt.
  5. Visa Interview Appointment Confirmation Letter. 

US Visa Type 

Below-mentioned US Visas are issued to Bangladeshi citizens. Take a look at them in the table.

Visa Type


US Nonimmigrant Visa (Tourist / Business Visa)

Tourist Visa is granted for multiple entries within a 5-year period. The visa can be extended or renewed after the expiry. 

US Visa Requirements 

Find the US Visa requirements in the table below. The US visa checklist is demonstrated in the right column. 

Visa Type

Required Documents

US Tourist Visa

  1. Forwarding or Visa Request Letter.
  2. Invitation Letter from a US citizen or Permanent Resident or Green Card Holder (if any). 
  3. Original passport with 6 months of validity (with the previous passport(s) if any). 
  4. Salary Bank Statement for the last 6 months (with a closing balance of BDT 10,00,000) for service holders.

Or, Company Bank Statement for the last 6 months (with a closing balance of BDT 10,00,000) for businessmen. 

  1. Bank Solvency Certificate for the last 6 months for service holders. 
  2. No Objection Certificate (NOC) for private service holders. 

Or, 1 photocopy of the Student ID card for students. 

Or, 1 photocopy of the Trade License for businessmen. 

  1. 2 copies of recent photograph with white background and 2 X 2 inch size.
  2. 1 photocopy of any utility bill (WASA Bill, Electricity Bill, Gas Bill, Telephone Bill).
  3. 1 photocopy of NID, or Birth Certificate.
  4. 2-dose Covid vaccination certificate (3-dose if Chinese vaccines).
  5. E-Tin Certificate
  6. Tax Return Certificate for the last 3 years. 
  7. Marriage Certificate for married persons. 
  8. Assets evaluation (land and properties). 

US Business Visa 

  1. Invitation Letter from a US employer.
  2. All documents required for US Tourist Visa. 

US Visa Fee for Bangladeshi 

The fees mentioned below include the visa agent’s service charge and the embassy visa fee. Find them below.

Visa Type


US Tourist Visa 

BDT 5000 + Visa Fee (BDT 16800)

US Business Visa 

BDT 5000 + Visa Fee (BDT 16800) 

US Visa Processing Time 

The information below shows the US Visa processing time for different visa types. Check them out. 

Visa Type


US Tourist Visa 

10 – 15 Days

US Business Visa 

10 – 15 Days

US Visa Application Form 

us nonimmigrant visa application form

apply now button- Get Help

US Visa Request Letter

02 Aug, 2022,

The Visa Officer,

US Embassy,

12 Madani Ave, Dhaka 1212.

Sub: Request for issuing tourist Visa.

Dear Sir/Madam,

With due respect, I would like to inform you that I Asif Sohel, Proprietor of Buy Air Ticket Ltd. bearing Bangladeshi passport no-AG1259741. I want to spend my holidays to your country for 20 days. For this reason, I need a tourist Visa.

So it’ll be a great help for me if you issue me a Tourist Visa at your earliest convenience.

Best Regards


Asif Sohel


Buy Air Ticket Ltd.

Cell: 01616131318  

Word Download-

USA Travel Itinerary

Day Date Place Task Stay
Flight from Dhaka to New York
01 Nov 1, 22 NY – Arrival at the NY Airport.

– Check in the hotel and take some rest. 

The MHTN at Times Square Hotel,

790 7th Ave, New York, NY 10019, United States,

+1 212-581-3300

02 Nov 2, 22 Visit MHTN, the Empire State Buil., and Central Park.
03 Nov 3, 22 Explore BK Bridge and visit the Statue of Liberty. 
04 Nov 4, 22 WA D.C. Explore the White House,
WM, and LM.
Hotel WA,

515 15th St NW, WA DC 20004, US,

+1 202-661-2400

05 Nov 5, 22 Visit the SNASM and the PNT.
06 Nov 6, 22 Nia. Falls Visit Niagra Falls, ‘Maid of the Mist, and relax at the night. Shera. Niag. Falls,

300 3rd St, Niagara Falls, NY 14303, United States,

+1 716-285-3361

07 Nov 7, 22 ORL Explore Walt Disney World. Best West. ORL Gatew. Hotel,

7299 Uni. Blvd, ORL, FL 32819, United States,

+1 407-351-5009.

08 Nov 8, 22 Explore Walt Disney World.
09 Nov 9, 22 Visit Sea World ORL.
10 Nov 10, 22 Chi  Explore Mill. Park, Willis Tower Skyd., and enjoy local cuisine.  The Trem. Chi. Hotel

100 E Chestn. St, Chi, IL 60611, United States, 

+1 312-751-1900.

11 Nov 11, 22 Visit the Art Inst. of Chi., and Linc. Park Zoo in Chi., and taste foods. 
12 Nov 12, 2022 LV Flight arrives in Las Vegas. Enjoy the casino and the night life there. Bella. Hotel & Casino

3600 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States,

+1 888-987-6667.

13 Nov 13, 2022 Visit famous hotels in the world.
14 Nov 14, 2022 AZ Hike at the Grand Cany. The Tom. Grand Hotel,

580 W Rand. Way, Tom., AZ 85638, United States,

+1 520-457-9507

15 Nov 15, 2022 Visit MT Valley.
16 Nov 16, 2022 Visit Hoov. Dam and its archi.
17 Nov 17, 2022 LA Visit Uni. Stud. Free. LA,

416 W 8th St, LA, CA, United States,

+1 213-612-0021

18 Nov 18, 2022 Trip to HLWD
19 Nov 19, 2022 SF Trip to Golden Gate Bridge. Hyatt Reg. San Fran. Down. Soma,

50 3rd St, SF, CA 94103, United States,

+1 415-974-6400.

20 Nov 20, 2022 Flight from SF to Dhaka.
Word Download-

Sample Resume


Word Download-

No Objection Certificate (NOC)  

See the No Objection Certificate (NOC) sample below. Print this NOC on your company Letter Head. 

NOC Letter To Employee For Visa

Date: 16.07.2022

Ref No. J16071

To Whom It May Concern

  1. This is to certify that Mr. Zakar Hossan is a sincere and efficient employee of our company. He has been working with us since October 14, 2021, as a Senior Content Writer. He is going to visit the USA for personal reasons. Hence, this letter has been issued as per the requirement of the visa provider.
  2. We have no objection to him as he is loyal to his duties and responsibilities. This letter can be used for his further concerns.



Syed Imtiaz,

Managing Director,

Buy Air Ticket Ltd. 

Word Download-

Photo Requirements For US Visa

US Visa Invitation Letter 

usa visa invitation letter
Download Family Invitation Letter Word File Download Business Invitation Letter Word File

How To Pay US Visa Fee

how to pay usa visa fee

Essential Links

US Visa Application From Bangladesh

USA Visa Fee Payment

USA Visa Appointment Schedule

EBL Branches

US Embassy, Dhaka 

BD Machine Readable Visa

Department Immigration & Passport

US Visa Application Details


– Is USA Visit visa Open in Bangladesh?

Yes, USA Visit visa is open in Bangladesh now. You can apply for one. 

– How can I apply for US visa from Bangladesh?

To apply for US visa from Bangladesh, follow the steps below.

  1. Submit Nonimmigrant Visa Application Form (DS-160).
  2. Create An Account On The US Visa Application Portal.
  3. Pay The Visa Application Fee.
  4. Schedule An Appointment For Your Visa Interview.
  5. Print Your Appointment Confirmation Letter. 

For USA visa processing services, feel free to contact a USA Visa specialist

– How much is US visa fee in Bangladesh?

USA Visa fee is BDT 16800. Your visa processing agent may charge BDT 5000 for their services if you take their service. 

– How long does it take to get US visa in Bangladesh?

 it takes 10 to 15 business days to get a US visa in Bangladesh

– What are nonimmigrant visas for US?

The USA nonimmigrant visas are the visas issued for travel and business purposes. 

– What are 3 types of non-immigrant visas?

3 types of non-immigrant visas are:

  1. Temporary Tourist or Business Visa.
  2. Student Visa.
  3. Temporary Work Visa.

– How long can a nonimmigrant stay in the US?

A nonimmigrant can stay up to 6 months with a temporary visa in the US.

– What are the 4 types of visa?

The 4 types of visas are:

  1. Tourist or Business Visa.
  2. Student Visa.
  3. Work Visa.
  4. Immigrant Visa.

– What is B1 and B2 visa?

B1 visa is for temporary business Travel to the US and B2 is for simply travel and tourism.

– What is visa type?

Visa type is the visa category. Every visa category allows foreigners to travel to a country for a specific purpose, such as US B1 visa is for temporary business purposes and B2 is for visit.

– What is US visa type F?

F visa is the US Student Visa.

– How much bank balance is required for US tourist visa? 

A bank balance worth BDT 5,00,000 is required for US Tourist Visa.

– Which documents are required for visa?

Check out the documents required for US Visa.

– How can I get US visa from Bangladesh?

Check out how you can get US Visa from Bangladesh here.

– How long does it take to get a US visa now?

It takes 05 to 10 business days to get a US Visa from Bangladesh now.

– How can I get US visa immediately?

You can not get a US visa immediately unless yours is a Medical Visa. Generally, it takes 5 business days.

– How Long Does US visa interview take?

A typical US visa interview takes 10 to 15 minutes.

– How can I download my DS-160 form?

You can download DS-160 form here.

– How do I get a US itinerary?

Download a US travel itinerary here.

– How can I spend 15 days in USA?

See the sample USA Travel Itinerary and make yours. You can also download the word file format here.

– How do I write a letter for US visa?

You can write a Visa Request Letter following the sample provided here. Download the file and customize it according to your travel plan.

– Who needs No Objection Certificate?

A service holder who wants to travel to a foreign country needs a “No Objection Certificate”.

– Who can issue NOC?

The company an employee works for can issue a NOC.

– Whats does NOC mean?

NOC stands for No Objection Certificate. It is the letter to acknowledge that a company does not have any objection to an employee’s travel to a foreign country.

– How do you write a NOC letter?

You can write a NOC letter following the sample provided here.

– Can US visa be rejected because of photo?

Yes, a US visa can be rejected because of photo specifications. See the photo specification details here.

– Is photo required for DS-160?

Yes, a scanned copy of the photo is required for DS-160 form.

– Is photo required for US visa biometrics?

Yes, a digital photo is required for US Visa Biometric. The visa officer will snap your photograph for their record. Children under 7 have to bring a hard copy of the recent photograph to the officer.

– Is Invitation Letter required for US visa?

An Invitation Letter is not mandatory for a travel visa, but it is recommended to have one to increase the chances of getting a visa approved. However, in case of Business Visa an Invitation Letter is a must.

– What are the requirements for Invitation Letter?

Check out the sample of an Invitation Letter to see the requirements.

– Does B2 visa need Invitation Letter?

No, an Invitation Letter is not needed for a B2 Visa, but it carries weight to have one for the visa processing.

– Who can invite someone to USA?

A US citizen or a Permanent Resident can invite someone to USA.

– How do I pay for my US visa application?

If you are from Bangladesh, see how to pay for US Visa application here.

– How do I pay my DS 160 visa fee online?

You can pay DS-160 visa fee online through your EBL Skybanking ID. See the details here.




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