Top Tourist Attractions In Dubai

Dubai is the place where elegance meets fun because of the top tourist attractions in Dubai. There is no travel enthusiast who does not desire to visit Dubai. The city is home to all sorts of extravagant recreational resources, such as luxurious stays, underwater adventures, stunning city life, traditional safaris, incredible cruise experience, and many more.

First-time travelers may get confused about shortening the list of the most visited places in Dubai as there are numerous tourist spots in Dubai. The city is famous for its enormous skyscrapers, shopping malls, bars, restaurants, cruises, art galleries, museums, and many recreational sites.

However, the article is designed to illustrate the top tourist attractions in Dubai. Thus, it will help you determine the best tourist places in Dubai. Not only that, but it will also demonstrate to you the things to do in the city. So, it’s recommended to read out the article till the end to bring out the best of it.

Top Tourist Attractions In Dubai

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1. Burj Khalifa, For History Rising Experience

Burj Khalifa was built because Sheikh wanted to put Dubai on the map with something really sensational. With a total height of half a mile (829.8 meters or 2716.5 feet), Burj Khalifa is the tallest structure in the world. It includes 30,000 homes, 9 hotels, Dubai Mall, Artificial Lake, and much more. It broke innumerable records, such as the tallest structure, the highest outdoor observation deck, the highest occupied floor, and the height tip in the world.

It is a story of rich glamour and emotions. It is the world’s 1st true vertical city. There are numerous world-famous hotels, restaurants, apartments, office spaces, and communications and telecast centers.

The Burj Khalifa has 3 wings each with an independent entrance. One is called the residence and consists of 900 apartments, 196 symbols in the lobby represent many nationalities within the city. Apartments run from level 43 all the way up to 108. The concierge service is available for residents 24-hours a day.

The second wing hosts corporate suites with offices on floors 111 to 154. The third wing is the entrance to the world’s first Armani Hotel designed by Giorgio Armani himself. The luxurious 5-star hotel has rooms, suites, and restaurants running from the ground floor to level 39 and also includes the Armani residences. The sky lobbies with gyms, swimming pools, and jacuzzis lie on floors 43 and 76. Sky lobby houses lounges for the residences and the corporate suites.

Burj Khalifa

Things To Do In Burj Khalifa, Dubai

–       Witness The Breathtaking Sights Of Dubai From The Top

–       Chill At The Burj Club

–       Relax at The Armani Hotel Spa

–       Eat To Your Heart’s Content At Dubai’s Restaurants

–       Unwind at The Lounge

–       Stroll Around Burj Park

–       Head Over To Candylicious For A Sugar Rush

–       Enjoy Extravagant Night-Life

2. Dubai Mall And Mall Of The Emirates, For Extravagant Shopping And Entertainment

Dubai is a paradise for shopaholics. If you like shopping, Dubai is the palace for you because of its numerous extravagant malls. The two most famous shopping malls in Dubai are The Dubai Mall and The Mall Of The Emirates.

Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world by total area and is home to about 1000 retailers. It also features Dubai Aquarium And Underwater Zoo, Cinemas, and many more.

Similarly, The Mall Of The Emirates features many leisure activities, such as an entire indoor ski-slope area also known as Ski Dubai, Dubai Community Theatre and Art Center, etc.

Dubai Mall And Mall Of The Emirates

Things To Do At Dubai Mall And Mall Of The Emirates

Dubai mall Mall Of The Emirates
–       Glance At The Burj Khalifa

–       Explore Dubai Mall Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

–       Experience VR Park

–       Witness Watch Dubai Fountain

–       Enjoy KidZania

–       Enjoy Skating at Ice Rink

–       Shop at Fashion Avenue

–       See The Beautiful Human Waterfalls

–       Reel Cinemas at Dubai Mall

–       Stop By Dubai Dino

–       Feel Haunted At Hysteria

–       Go Ziplining

–       Test Rock-Climbing Expertise

–       Meet Penguins Up Close

–       Take Snowboarding Lessons

–       Experience Unique Cinemas

–       Try Ice-Cream At The Iconic Magnum Store.

3. Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, For A Close Look At 33,000 Underwater Creatures

This is one of the largest aquariums in the world, which houses more than 33,000 underwater species. “Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo” is housed in Dubai Mall which also includes “The Dubai Ice-Rink” as well as “KidZania VR Park”.

The aquarium and underwater zoo hold 10,000,000-liter water which is an artificial habitat for 33,000 creatures. There is an arrangement to house around 150 species in separate aquariums. The views of the aquariums will give you the experience to see the individual aquatic species.

The aquarium has a  48-meter-long underwater tunnel where you can walk through and enjoy a 270-degree transparent view of the site. In the tunnel, you can witness the world’s largest reptile, king crocs, and diverse underwater species. Furthermore, you can  Dive with Sharks, enjoy Glass Bottom Rides, Case Snorkelling, and many other adventures here in the enormous aquarium.

Things To Do In Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

–       Experience Shark Dive

–       Go Case Snorkelling

–       Enjoy Shark Walker

–       Meet the King Crocs

–       Discover UAE’s Night Creatures

–       Experience VR Zoo

4. Dubai Desert Safari, For Traditional Entertainment

You can book this amazing Desert Safari experience for USD 10. You can experience different desert experiences, such as Dune Bashing, Sand Boarding, Quad Riding, Camel Rides, Henna Painting, food, Shisha Smoking, Spectacles like Fire Show, and Belly Dancing.

Many desert excursions in Dubai take place in the afternoon or at night, Dubai morning Safari allows you to visit the Dubai conservation reserve at daybreak which is one of the most gorgeous periods while participating in outdoor sports. You’ll have the opportunity to witness the dawns over the dunes.

On the full-day adventure from Dubai, travel into the deserts in a vintage land rover and enjoy Arabic entertainment and dinner. As you travel into the Dubai conservation reserve in an open-top land rover with a driver, keep an eye out for wildlife and continue to a luxury Bedouin-style camp with a Royal house after viewing a falconry display. Enjoy traditional activities, such as a Camel Ride and a Bread-Making Demonstration as well as a Tasty-Meal, Live Music, and Dancing Demonstration.

Dubai Desert Safari

Things To Do In Dubai Desert Safari

–       Enjoy Sunrise

–       Go Dune Bashing

–       Experience Camel safari

–       Play Sand Ski

–       Ride-On Quad Bike

–       Experience Hot Air Ballooning

–       Enjoy Sunset

–       Watch Night Shows

–       Attend Buffet Dinner

–       Take An Overnight Safari

5. Dubai Marina, For Elegant Fun

The artificial canal city, Dubai Marina is built along a 3-kilometer stretch of the Persian Gulf shoreline. The marina is entirely man-made and upon completion, it is claimed to be the world’s largest man-made marina. It is worth seeing marina towers with water canals and many spectacular bars and restaurants, such as Pier &, Zero Gravity Dubai, and many more.

Enjoy your suffer cruise with your family and friends. Also, you can enjoy an international buffet at the Radisson Blue. You can book private seating either on the open-air top deck or lower restaurant area.

Dubai Marina

Things To Do In Dubai Marina

–       Stroll along Dubai Marina Walk

–       Have At Dubai Marina Yacht Club

–       Dine at Pier 7

–       Visit The Gallery One

–       Relax At The Westin Heavenly Spa

–       Sunbathe at JBR Beach

–       Go On An Incredible Dinner Cruise

–       Shop At Dubai Marina Mall

–      Go On Tour With Dream Explorer LLC

–       Experience Diverse Water Sports at Dubai International Marine Club

–       Free-Fall With Skydive Dubai

–       Stay At The Luxurious Address Dubai Marina

–       Experience Dubai Heilights On Speedboat

6. Beaches In Dubai

There are many beaches in Dubai, such as JBR Beach, Jumeirah Open Beach, Kitesurfing Beach, and many more. Additionally, there are also private beaches and pools. They are usually located within the hotel area or water parks.

Jumeirah Beach is the most popular seashore in Dubai. The beach facilitates numerous water activities. You can enjoy skiing from tubing to swimming to paragliding on the sea coast. The beach is the perfect place to enjoy a stunning sunset.

Kite Beach is famous for Kite Surfing. However, many other water sports can also be experienced on the beach whatever the name of the beach suggests. The beach stretches on 2-kilometer coast which is the perfect place for those who want to enjoy the best beach excursion.

Beaches In Dubai

Things To Do In Dubai Beaches

–       Experience Jet Skiing

–       Enjoy the Donut Ride

–       Play Kayaking

–       Go Flyboarding

–       Play Beach Volleyball

–       Go Snorkeling

–       Experience Dolphin Encounter

–       Explore Aqaventure Park

–       Enjoy Sea Lion Discovery

–       Play Shark Safari

7. The Waterfront Market

In 2007 a new modern food market was constructed and sellers relocated from the old Deira Fish Market to Waterfront Market. In addition to meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits, the market offers restaurants, bars, and a large supermarket.

Things To Do The Waterfront Market, Dubai

–       Taste Unique Seafood At The Restaurants.

–       Experience Meat And Poultry

–       Eat Fruits And Vegetables

–       Explore LuLu Hypermarket

–       Visit Dry Goods And Spice Section

–       Experience Locat Cuisines




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