A large number of top-ranked schools in Dhak city are available. Both private and public schools are on the top-rated list. The competition among the schools is very high. The government schools are ones with glorious history and tradition. As many prefer government schools to private ones, the admission competition at government schools is higher than that of private ones. Because of more queries, the detailed information about the top five government schools in Dhaka is discussed below.

Govt. Laboratory High School

Govt. Laboratory High School
Location: Dhanmondi (Adjacent to Dhaka College)

About The Govt. Laboratory High School

Govt Laboratory High School is a public boys’ high school in Dhaka. The school was established on September 03, 1961. Since its establishment, it is enlightening the younger generation with modern education. The 3rd of September is the school day. The school is moving forward with the motto, “Shikhar jonno esho shebar jonno berie jao.” The school has the accreditation of the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Dhaka. The brand color of the school is Navy Blue. The school maintains very strong co-curricular activities. There are many clubs and organizations in the school, such as BNCC, Scouting, Red Crescent, Debating Club of Laboratorians, Quiz Club of Laboratorians, Science Club of Laboratorians, English Club of Laboratorians, Book Club of Laboratorians, Laboratorians’ Astronomy Club, Laboratorians’ History and Philosophy Club, and Math Club of Laboratorians. There is also a rich library on the school premises. The school publishes the magazine “Satirtha Parichiti” every year. Furthermore, it has an ex-student organization, “Old Laboratorians’ Organization.” The organization arranges reunions of ex-students of the school.

Govt. Laboratory High School Classes and Sections

The school teaches male students of class-1 to class-12. All the classes are divided into 4 sections (A, B, C, and D). 60 to 90 students are admitted into each section. The school teaches students in two shifts (morning shift and day shift). 2 sections of all classes are taught in each shift.

Govt. Laboratory High School Result

The school makes outstanding results in board exams, which enlisted it in the top-10 schools in Dhaka city. Every year it makes extraordinary results in Dhaka Education Board. The students of the school achieve merit positions in the divisional and national merit lists. The school made a record of outstanding results in 1993. That year, 27 students of the school achieved merit positions on the merit list. 17 out of 20 divisional merit positions were obtained by the school students that year.

Govt. Laboratory High School Admission

The Directorate General of Secondary and Higher Education, Dhaka divided the government schools of the city into groups: Group-A, Group-B, and Group-C. The Government Laboratory High School has been included in Group-A. Students have to apply through a government web portal for admission. They can apply for 5 schools according to their choice in each group (cluster). There are a few quotas available. The students are advised to checkmark them (if applicable) while applying to increase the possibility of getting selected.

Class-1: The admission to the class is based on a lottery.

Class-2 to 8: The admission to the class is based on admission tests.

Class-9: The admission to the class is based on JSC or JDC exam results.

Students of all classes have to apply through the same web portal mentioned above.

School Contact Details

Address: 1 Naem Road, Dhanmondi Newmarket, Dhaka 1205

Phone: 02-41060052, 01715269075

Email: glabdhaka@yahoo.com

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