Schengen Visa Application From Bangladesh

Bangladeshi citizens can file a Schengen Visa application from Bangladesh. The Schengen issues both Immigrant and Nonimmigrant Visas to the people of Bangladesh. The article addresses Nonimmigrant visa categories. Here you will get to know detailed information about (a) Schengen Tourist Visa and (b) Schengen Business Visa. So if you are here to learn the process of the Schengen Travel Visa Application, go over the article till the end. 


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Schengen Visa Processing Agency 

AirFare BD, a subsidiary of Buy Air Ticket Ltd., is a renowned Schengen Visa Processing Agency in Bangladesh. We have processed hundreds of Schengen Visas in recent times. The visa success rate of our agency is 97%. We process visas in less time and offer convenient travel services worldwide. We are an IATA-accredited and ATAB-associated travel agency in Dhaka (Dhanmondi). For any travel services, including visa processing, air ticket booking, tour packages, hotel room reservations, etc., feel free to contact Schengen. 


For Visa Processing & Other Travel Services

Mobile: 01616 13 13 19 Phone: 09678 742 742
WhatsApp, Messenger 

Address: House# 518, 

(Adjacent to BEL Tower-BEXIMCO) 

Flat 4/A, Road# 01, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1205


Which Country To Choose For Schengen Visa Application?

Schengen Visa application is a bit tricky as 26 countries comprise the Schengen State. The applicants get confused about which country to apply for a visa. Here lies the trick to deciding wisely for selecting a country for your visa application and maximizing the chances of getting the visa approved. It is recommended to apply for a visa after reviewing the country-wise visa approval statistics in recent times, the convincing logic of your visit to the country, home country tie, previous travel history, and financial solvency. 

Also be advised that it is logical to apply for Schengen visa to the country where you have a specific reason for the visit (ex. family visit, business visit, etc.). Such applications have a high approval rate. However, if you do not have a specific reason, choose to apply for tourist visa to a Schengen country that has a high approval rate. 

Not all countries have their consulates in Bangladesh. Some do not have activities at all, some have representative organizations. The representatives accept visa applications and work on their behalf and forward the applications to respective authorities. 

Let’s select a country for the utmost possibility of your Schengen Visa application approval by checking out the easiest countries to get Schengen visa or the graph below. 

easiest countries to get schengen visa

Here rises the question, where to submit the Schengen Visa application? Does the country I wish to apply for have a consulate or a visa application center in Bangladesh? The table below gives you the answer. 

Schengen Visa Application Centers For Countries With The Highest Approval Rate

SL Country Representing Organization
1 Lithuania Embassy of Lithuania, New Delhi
2 Iceland Swedish Visa Application Center, Dhaka (VFS Global)
3 Estonia German Embassy, Dhaka
4 Finland Swedish Visa Application Center, Dhaka (VFS Global)
5 Latvia Swedish Visa Application Center, Dhaka (VFS Global)

Schengen Visa Application Process (Iceland)

Let’s assume that you have no specific reasons to visit a Schengen State and made your decision to apply for Iceland Visa as the country’s visa approval ratio is high. Also, VFS Global, Dhaka receives Iceland Visa applications in Bangladesh on a first come first serve basis even without a prior appointment. Follow the process to get to know how to apply for Schengen Visa from Bangladesh. how-to-apply-for-schengen-visa-from-bangladesh

  1. Fill out the visa application form.
  2. Compile all required documents.
  3. Visit the Visa Application Center and pay the visa fee.
  4. Give biometrics and submit all required documents. 

Schengen Visa Type 

Below-mentioned Schengen Visas are issued to Bangladeshi citizens. Take a look at them in the table.

Visa Type


Schengen Tourist Visa

Schengen Visa is granted for single or multiple entries (at the visa officer’s discretion) within a 180-day period. But, it allows staying up to 90 days in the Schengen area on a single entry. 

Schengen Family Visit Visa 

Schengen Business Visa 

Schengen Official Visa 

Schengen Transit Visa 

The visa is issued for a 24-hour period. It allows access to the international transit area at a Schengen airport. 

Schengen Visa Requirements 

Find the Schengen Visa requirements in the table below. The visa checklist is demonstrated in the right column. 

Visa Type

Required Documents

Schengen Tourist Visa 

1. All Passport (Latest passport minimum 6 months validity)
2. NID (For Adults)
3. Birth Certificate (for child)
4. Lab print Passport Size Recent Color Photo with white background (2 copies)
5. Student ID Card (for students)
6. Tuition fee slip for last 6 months (for students)
7. Job ID Card (for service holders)
8. Financial Support: (for businessmen)
I) Company Bank Statement for the last 6 months
II) Company Bank Solvency Certificate
III) Personal Bank Statement for the last 6 months
IV) Personal Bank Solvency Certificate
V) FDR (if any)
VI) Assets Revaluation – Land/Properties
VII) Share Portfolio Statement (if any)
VIII) Share Portfolio Certificate (if any)
9. Financial Support: (For Service Holder)
IX) Salary Bank Statement for the last 6 months
X) Salary Bank Solvency Certificate
XI) Salary Certificate From Office
XII) Pay Slip for the last 3 Months
XIII) Personal Bank Statement for the last 6 months
XIV) Personal Bank Solvency Certificate
XV) FDR (if any)
XVI) Assets Revaluation – Land/Properties
XVII) Share Portfolio Statement (if any)
XVIII) Share Portfolio Certificate (if any)
10. Trade License (updated) (for businessmen)
11. Memorandum for Limited Company (only ages where directors’ names are mentioned)
12. E-Tin Certificate –Personal and Company (for businessmen)
13. E-Tin Certificate –Personal (for service holders)
14. Tax Certificate and Tax Return Certificate for the last 3 years (personal)
15. Company Tax Certificate and Tax Return Certificate for the last 3 years (for businessmen)
16. Vat Registration Certificate (if any)
17. Invitation Letter or Hotel Booking
18. Marriage Certificate (if any)
19. Business Card
20. NOC
21. Forwarding letter with company pad (for businessmen)
22. Travel Insurance

Schengen Family Visit Visa 

NB: A Family Invitation Letter is required for Schengen Family Visit Visa in addition to all the documents mentioned above. Other documents may also be required by the visa officer.

Schengen Visa Fee for Bangladeshi 

The fees mentioned below include the visa agent’s service charge and the embassy visa fee. Find them below.

Visa Type

Visa Fee

Service Charge

Schengen Tourist Visa

BDT 8000/-

BDT 5000/-

Schengen Family Visit Visa

BDT 8000/-

BDT 5000/-

Schengen Visa Processing Time 

The information below shows the Schengen Visa processing time for different visa types. Check them out. 

Visa Type


Schengen Tourist Visa 

10 – 15 Days

Schengen Business Visa 

10 – 15 Days

Schengen Visa Application Form 

schengen tourist visa application form

PDF Download Get Help

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