Malindo Air has one of its major operations at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport because there is a large number of travelers on the Dhaka – Malaysia – Dhaka route. Moreover, as the airline operates many other international destinations, a lot of passengers fly on the airlines. Malindo Air Dhaka Office sells its services at the Banani branch. If you are looking for the services and the contact details of the office, please join us as we proceed with this article.

Call For Booking Air Tickets Other Travel Services

+880 9678 742 742, 

+880 1613 33 66 62 (WhatsApp)

Or, visit

Malindo Air Dhaka Office

Maybe, you’re one of the travelers who look for Malindo Air Dhaka Office contact details. You’re on the right page to serve your purpose. Please find your required information below.

Malindo Air Dhaka Office Address:

Second Floor, Nagar Shefali, House No# 09, Road No# 17, Block E, Banani, Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh.

Malindo Air Dhaka Office Contact:

+880 1777775582-83, +880 1777775585 (Contact at +880 1616 13 13 18 if the given numbers remain busy).

Malindo Air Dhaka Office Business Hours:

Monday                       10:00 – 04:00
Tuesday                      10:00 – 04:00
Wednesday                 10:00 – 04:00
Thursday                     10:00 – 04:00
Friday                               Closed
Saturday                           Closed
Sunday                       10:00 – 04:00

Malindo Air Chittagong Office

Malindo Air Chittagong Office Address:

4th Floor, Delwar Bhaban, Plot 104, Agrabad Commercial Area, Chittagong-4000, Bangladesh

Malindo Air Chittagong Office Contact:

+880 31 25 21 591

+880 31 25 21 592

Contact at +880 1616 13 13 18 if the given numbers remain busy.

Malindo Air Chittagong Office Fax:

+88 031 252 1593

Malindo Air Chittagong Office Working Hours:

Monday                       10:00 – 18:00
Tuesday                      10:00 – 18:00
Wednesday                 10:00 – 18:00
Thursday                     10:00 – 18:00
Friday                               Closed
Saturday                     10:00 – 18:00
Sunday                        10:00 – 18:00

Malindo Air Essential Links

Malindo Air Official Website:

Manindo Air Email:

Malindo Air Baggage Service:

Malindo Air Packaging and Travel Trips:

Malindo Air Baggage Allowance

All Routes except Bangladesh

Business Flexi Business Promo Economy Flexi Economy Value Super Saver
40 kg 30 kg 30 kg 20 kg 0 kg


Business Flexi Business Promo Economy Flexi Economy Value Super Saver
40 kg 40 kg 35 kg 35 kg 35 kg

Prohibited Items On A Plane

Dangerous Articles in Baggage:

  • Any baggage with an installed alarm device.
  • Compressed gases that are flammable, non-flammable, poisonous, and deeply refrigerated, such as oxygen, aqualung cylinders, butane, liquid nitrogen, and compressed gas cylinders.
  • Explosives, such as fireworks, flares, and ammunition including handguns, pistol cabs, fireworks, and blank cartridges.
  • Corrosives, like alkalis, acids, mercury, apparatus containing mercury, and wet cell batteries.
  • Flammable liquids and solids, like lighter fuel, matches, lighter refills, thinners, paints, and fire-lighters that need inverting before ignition.
  • Radioactive material.
  • Oxidizing materials, for example, peroxides and bleaching powder.
  • Poisons and infectious substances, like weed-killers, insecticides, and live viruses.
  • Any dangerous items, for example, irritating or offensive and magnetized materials.
  • Etiologic agents (viruses and bacteria, etc).
  • Apparatus containing mercury is prohibited to carry in Baggage.

Personal Electronic Devices:

  • Portable electronic smoking devices (battery-powered), such as electronic cigarettes are prohibited to carry in checked baggage.
  • Re-charging electronic smoking devices in aircraft cabins is prohibited.
  • Batteries of portable electronic smoking devices must be removed and stored in proper storage.
  • Switch off your electronic smoking device with a built-in battery and keep it in your carry-on baggage.
  • Personal movement devices that are considered dangerous, for example, mini wheels, hoverboards, electric Segways, electric scooters, and electric bicycles are prohibited.

Note: Electronic devices with rechargeable battery packs, for example, laptops and digital cameras or medical electronic devices with lithium batteries less than 100 Watt-hour rating or lithium content of less than 2g are allowed on carry-on baggage. However, please keep spare lithium batteries in a separate protective pouch, plastic bag, or terminal insulated by taping over the exposed terminal.

Services Offered At Malindo Air Dhaka Office

Please find out the services the Malindo Air branch office provides.

Book Air Ticket

Malindo Air offers flight tickets for all budgets. You can experience the best travel on this Malaysia-based airline. It sells all sorts of tickets, for example, first-class, business-class, and economic. The flight company facilitates you to book air tickets online on its web portal and mobile app with a few clicks only. Most of the time, the airline sells air tickets at a fixed price. However, buy air ticket ltd lets you book discounted air tickets, so you can grab the chance.

Change Flight

If you are badly in need of changing your flight, you can do it at the Malindo Air Dhaka Office. Please feel free to contact the office to make your flight convenient and enjoyable by changing your ticket whether it is an economic class, connecting, etc. You can, if you want, change your ticket from

Refund Or Cancel Flight

Refunding or canceling is now easier than ever on Malindo Air. The flight company will charge you the fees applicable for the service. You’ll get the value refunded after deducting the charges only if yours is a refundable one. Please be informed that no value is refunded for non-refundable air tickets. If your is a refundable one and you need a refund please make no delay to contact the Malindo Air Dhaka Office. However, you can get your ticket refunded from a renowned travel agent, like

Choose Seat

Malindo Air is giving you the freedom to select your seat before booking. It allows you to customize your flight to have the best flight experience. It launched a mobile app to let you book and manage your ticket at your convenience. Besides, you can get any air travel services from by calling +880 1616 13 13 18.

Upgrade Flight

Upgrade your flights on Malindo Air at its Dhaka branch office. For doing so, you need to provide your booking information to the reservation officer. You can also upgrade your ticket online staying in the comfort zone of your house. You can, moreover, pay the service fees online. Interestingly, the airline sometimes gives you upgraded air tickets with no costs to let you enjoy their improved cabin class and services.

Book Accessible Travel

Malindo Air makes the arrangement of Accessible Travel for passengers with disabilities. It is committed to giving a convenient travel experience to those persons. Travelers who need the service must inform the reservation officer about their necessity at least 48 hours prior to the flight time. You can also inform the officer when you book the ticket. However, you can also book an Accessible Travel with by simply calling +880 1616 13 13 18.

Check-in Online

Malindo Air added an amazing feature to its services. It lets you check-in online to avoid the most annoying travel hassle at the airport. You will be allowed to complete the check-in 48 hours prior to your flight time staying anywhere. However, it is recommended to leave enough time for other airport formalities so that you can get on the plane on time.

Check Flight Status

You can check your flight status on the Malindo Air mobile app which can be installed from the app store of your respective mobile phone. Install it on your cell phone and explore the amazing digital services of the flight company. Moreover, you can set notifications on the app to stay up-to-date on flights.

Purchase Additional Baggage

Malindo Air gives you almost 30 kg baggage allowance with your ticket for free. If you need more baggage allowance than that, you can buy extra. For this, you have to buy a full slot or piece even if you don’t need to use the full. To make it more clear, if you need 1 kg extra baggage, you must buy a full slot because the extra baggage allowance is sold in slots or pieces. As the price of the slot or piece varies, you can know the exact value by calling +880 1616 13 13 18. The travel agent will only require your booking details to confirm your extra baggage purchase.

Malindo Air Destinations

Please check out whether Malindo Air operates the destinations you want to travel to.

Airport City Country
Sultan Abdul Halim Airport  

Alor Setar



Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport  




Husein Sastranegara International Airport  




Suvarnabhumi Airport  




Ngurah Rai International Airport  




Hang Nadim International Airport Batam  


Kempegowda International Airport  





Brisbane Airport  




Chennai International Airport  




Chiang Mai International Airport  

Chiang Mai



Bandaranaike International Airport Colombo  

Sri Lanka

Indira Gandhi International Airport  




Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport  




Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport  




Noi Bai International Airport  




Tan Son Nhat International Airport  

Ho Chi Minh City



Hong Kong International Airport  

Hong Kong



Sultan Azlan Shah Airport  




Soekarno–Hatta International Airport  




Senai International Airport  

Johor Bahru



Tribhuvan International Airport  




Kerteh Airport  




Cochin International Airport  




Sultan Ismail Petra Airport  

Kota Bharu



Kuala Lumpur International Airport  

Kuala Lumpur



Sultan Mahmud Airport  




Kuching International Airport  




Kota Kinabalu International Airport  

Kota Kinabalu



Labuan Airport  




Allama Iqbal International Airport  




Langkawi International Airport  




Kualanamu International Airport  




Malacca International Airport  





Melbourne Airport  








Sultan Syarif Kasim II International Airport  




Penang International Airport  




Perth Airport  




Phnom Penh International Airport  

Phnom Penh



Sanya Phoenix International Airport  




Changi Airport  




Taoyuan International Airport  





Tiruchirappalli International Airport  





Trivandrum International Airport  





Wuhan Tianhe International Airport  




Yangon International Airport Yangon  


Get all your travel services from Malindo Air and feel the difference. Also, get connected to airfare bd or call +880 1616 13 13 18 for any service of Malindo Air as the agency is affiliated with the airline company.


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