Canada Visa Application

Canada visa application has been made easy as it is now an online process. However, you can also apply offline if you wish to. Most importantly, you are in the right place to learn how to complete a Canada Visa Application. Go over the article till the end not to miss any important information. Educate yourself and apply confidently. 


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Canada Visa Processing Agency

AirFare BD, a subsidiary of Buy Air Ticket Ltd., is a renowned Canada Visa Processing Agency in Bangladesh. We have processed hundreds of Canada Visas in recent times. The visa success rate of our agency is 97%. We process visas in less time and offer convenient travel services worldwide. We are an IATA-accredited and ATAB-associated travel agency in Dhaka (Dhanmondi). For any travel services, including visa processing, air ticket booking, tour packages, hotel room reservations, etc., feel free to contact Canada. 


For Visa Processing & Other Travel Services

Mobile: 01616 13 13 18 Phone: 09678 742 742
WhatsApp, Messenger 

Address: House# 518, 

(Adjacent to BEL Tower-BEXIMCO) 

Flat 4/A, Road# 01, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1205

Canada Visa Application From Bangladesh

Bangladeshi citizens can file a Canada Visa Application From Bangladesh online or at the VFS Global Office. Online application is easier and more convenient. It shows the correctness of the application as it proceeds which ensures the proper documentation. Hence, there is no chance to file an incorrect application. It also facilitates seeing the application updates by simply login in to the visa application system. To complete an online application, you have to follow the steps mentioned below. 

how to apply for canada-visa.

  1. Complete a profile (Sign in with GCKey > Sign Up).
  2. Check eligibility and get Personal Reference Code (ex. OB6397458750).
  3. Upload documents.
  4. Pay the visa fee online (use this link for a separate login to your profile).
  5. Submit the application.
  6. Set an appointment at the Visa Application Center for Biometrics.
  7. Give the Biometric and submit mandatory documents to the center.
  8. Wait for getting your visa approved and receive your passport.

Eligibility To Visit Canada

You can travel to Canada with a visitor visa if you:

  • Have a passport valid for six months at least beyond your stay in Canada.
  • Have no criminal record, organized crime, or any offense in immigration-related issues.
  • Have no human rights violation record. 
  • Have proof that you will get back to your country immediately after your visit.
  • Have enough money to support you and your companion (if any) during the travel.
  • Are in good health.
  • Are fully vaccinated with an accepted vaccine (at least 14 days prior to your travel).

Canada Visa Type 

Below-mentioned Canada Visas are issued to Bangladeshi citizens. Take a look at them in the table.

Visa Type


Tourist Visa 

Generally, Temporary Residence Visas (Tourist, Family Visit, Business, and Medical Visas) are issued for 10 years which allows one to stay up to six months on a single visit. But it can be extended by submitting an application 30 days prior to the visa expiry date. 

Family Visit Visa 

Business Visa 

Medical Visa 

Canada Visa Requirements 

Find the Canada Visa requirements in the table below. The Canada visa checklist is demonstrated in the right column. 

Visa Type

Required Documents

Tourist Visa 

  1. A color photocopy of a valid passport.
  2. A color photocopy of NID.
  3. Recent color photograph (see specifications).
  4. Vaccination certificate. 
  5. Document to prove that you will return to your home country (ex. high profile job ID or trade license, etc.)
  6. If any previous travel history, proof of the travel (previous passport, visa, study or work permit, or entry-exit stamp).
  7. Travel itinerary for your trip to Canada. 
  8. Bank Statement. 
  9. If applied by a representative, correctly filled IMM 5476 Form.
  10. Correctly filled IMM 5645 Form for family information. 
  11. If a minor (under 18) travels with a single parent, or anyone else, or alone, a travel authorization, adoption papers, or custody decree. 

Family Visit Visa 

  1. An Invitation Letter from a family member who is a permanent resident or citizen in Canada. 
  2. Documents to prove your family relationship with the person (ex. marriage certificate, birth certificate, adaption letter, etc.).
  3. All other documents required for a tourist visa.

Business Visa 

  1. A Letter from your local employer (Sponsorship Letter).  
  2. All other documents required for Canada Tourist Visa. 

Medical Visa 

  1. Invitation Letter from a health care provider in Canada. 
  2. All other documents required for Canada Tourist Visa. 
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Canada Visa Fee for Bangladeshi 

The fees mentioned below include the visa agent’s service charge and the embassy visa fee. Find them below. 

Visa Type


Tourist Visa 

BDT 5000 + Visa Fee (USD 185)

Family Visit Visa 

BDT 5000 + Visa Fee (USD 185)

Business Visa 

BDT 5000 + Visa Fee (USD 185)

Medical Visa 

BDT 5000 + Visa Fee (USD 185)

Canada Visa Processing Time 

The information below shows the Canada Visa processing time for different visa types. Check them out. 

Visa Type 


Tourist Visa 

Almost 4 months 

Family Visit Visa 

Business Visa 

Medical Visa 

How To Pay Canada Visa Fee 

how to pay canada visa fee
  1. Get a Credit Card ready in your hand.
  2. Go to the payment phase while you complete the visa application.
  3. Input your card information into the system.
  4. Submit the request.
  5. Save the payment confirmation page. 

Canada Travel Itinerary

Day Date Place Task Stay
  Flight from Dhaka to Vancouver.
01 Nov 1, 2022 Vanco. – Arrival in the Vanco. Int’l Airport.

– Check in the hotel and take some rest.

Sandm. Hotel Vanco. Downt,

180 W Georgia St, Vanco, BC V6B 4P4, Canada +1 604-681-2211.

02 Nov 2, 2022 Visit Stanley Park and Capilan Bridge.
03 Nov 3, 2022 Explore Granvi. Island and Gastow.
04 Nov 4, 2022 Calgary Witness Calgary Zoo and Calgary Tower. Hilton Garden Inn Calgary Downt,

711 4 St SE Suite A, Calgary, AB T2G 1N3, Canada +1 587-352-2020.

05 Nov 5, 2022 Experie. Glen bow Museum and Herit. Park.
06 Nov 6, 2022 Toron. Visit CN Tower. Holiday Inn Toronto Downt. Centre, an IHG Hotel,

30 Carlton St, Toronto, ON M5B 2E9, Canada +1 416-977-6655.

07 Nov 7, 2022 Experie. Ontario Museu.
08 Nov 8, 2022 Explore Distillery District.
09 Nov 9, 2022 Ottawa Explore Rideau Canal. Hamp. Inn by Hilton Ottawa,

100 Coven Rd, Ottawa, ON K1K 4S3, Canada +1 613-741-2300.


10 Nov 10, 2022 Watch Canada Parliam. and National Gallery.
11 Nov 11, 2022 Explore ByWard Market.
12 Nov 12, 2022 Montr. Visit Plateau-Mont-Royal and Notre Dame Basilica. Hotel Chrome,

215 Bd René-Lévesque E, Montr., QC H2X 1N7, Canada +1 800-668-3872.

13 Nov 13, 2022 Explore Mont. Botani. Garden and Montr. Vieux Port.
14 Nov 14, 2022 Flight from San Franci. to Dhaka.
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Canada Visa Invitation Letter 

canada visa invitation letter
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Canada Visa Sponsorship Letter 

September 16, 2022,

The Immigration Officer, 

High Commission of Canada, Dhaka,

Diplomatic Zone, United Nations Rd, Dhaka 1212.

Subject: Sponsorship Letter for Asibur Rahman with Passport No. BG 156792

Dear Sir/Madam, 

This is to inform you that Asibur Rahman has been working at our company since October 14, 2020 as a Senior Content Writer. His role is to write marketing copies that include online ad, website content, press release, MOU, agreement, and many more. 

Soon, he is going to attend business meeting with clients and a 15-day long professional training at Miami Ad School, Toronto. 

We also inform you that he is a dedicated and stable employee at our company. His employment ID is DM 50157 and monthly consolidated salary is BDT 60,000/-. His visit to Canada will add remarkable value to our company. Hence, our company will bear all expenses for his travel to Canada. 

this letter ensures our company’s sponsorship for Asibur Rahman to apply for a Business Visa to visit Canada for Business purposes. 

We have enclosed all required documents as well as bank statements for your consideration. 



Shamim Sayed,

Managing Director,

Buy Air Ticket Ltd.

House# 518, Road# 1,

Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1205.

+88 09678 742 742

[email protected] 


Iftekhar Hossain,

Marketing Manager,

Buy Air Ticket Ltd.,

House# 518, Road# 1,

Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1205.

0161 333 666 2,

[email protected]

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Essential Links

– ArriveCan Login

Invitation Letter from a family member

Canada Visa Sponsorship Letter From A Local Employer

Photo Specification

No Objection Certificate (NOC)  

Resume or CV 


– What are the requirements for applying Canada visa?

Not all visa requirements are the same. See the Canada Visa requirement section above for requirements of individual visa category.

– How long does a visa to Canada take?

It takes almost 4 months to process a Canada Visa.

– How do I apply for a Canadian visa online?

Learn how to apply for a Canadian visa online in the Canada Visa Application From Bangladesh section above. 

– Who processes visa applications for Canada?

AirFare BD is a renowned travel agency that processes visa applications for Canada. 

– How can I get Canada visa fast?

There is no way to get a Canada visa fast unless your necessity to travel the country is emergency. However, you can pay for premium services at VFS global office to fasten your application process. 

– How can I get visit visa for Canada from Bangladesh?

The article also addresses how to get visit visa for Canada. Read it to serve your purpose. Specially you can see the eligibility section and the visa requirements section above.

– When VFS Canada will open in Bangladesh?

VFS Globa Dhaka office already processes Canada Visa in Bangladesh. 

– How to check Canada Visa from Bangladesh Online?

You can check Canada Visa from Bangladesh online only if you apply for the visa online. You can check your visa status by logging into your account on the application system.

– How much bank balance is required for Canada visitor visa?

Nearabout 20 lac is required for Canada visitor visa.

– What is the eligibility for going to Canada?

See the eligibility sanction and the visa requirements section above serve your purposes.

– Can I get a 5 year visa for Canada?

Yes, you can get 5 year visa for Canada. Canada issues visitors’ visa for 10 years. 

– How much is Canada visa fee?

Canada temporary residence visa fee is USD 185 per application.

– What is VFS service fee in Bangladesh?

VFS service fee in Bangladesh is USD 185 (including biometric fee)

– How do I pay for my Canadian visa online?

To pay for Canadian visa online, follow the process

– How do I get an invitation letter to Canada?

You can get an invitation letter to Canada from a immediate family member who is a Parmanent Resident or a Citizen in Canada.

– How do I write a sponsor letter for Canada visa?

To write a sponsor letter for Canada visa, check out the sample

– Who can write an invitation letter for visa?

A Parmanent Residents or officials from organizations inside canada can  write an invitation letter for visa.

– Can I get Canada visa without invitation letter?

Yes, you can get Canada visa without invitation letter, but your profile and documentation must be proper. 


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