Are you tired of finding out the best travel agency in Bangladesh? No worries! This article will help you find out the best one because it will show you the ins and outs of a travel agency that make it stand out in the crowd. As the article includes reviews of a list of leading travel agencies in Bangladesh, please read it till the end to determine the best one and what to consider when you buy a travel service, so join us as we go over.

Best Travel Agency in Bangladesh

A good travel agency doesn’t compromise its service quality rather provides the best in the industry. There are many travel agency in Dhaka, offers all its services at a competitive price.

The sub-agents of the travel company are spread throughout the country. Moreover, they have a network of sub-agents worldwide. Because of its instant help and support, remote B2B agencies can operate their business smoothly.

The clients of the travel company are satisfied with its services, so they take its services repeatedly. The clients’ response makes it the best travel agency in Bangladesh. The agency is recommended for those who are looking for the best travel services. Please check out the contact details of the travel agent. Based on what kind of facilities good travel agencies have, I have described below ten agencies:

Top 10 Travel Agency in Bangladesh

1. Buy Air Ticket Ltd. (

Buy Air Ticket Ltd. is the best online travel agency in Bangladesh. Its services cover all the travel services that are available in Bangladesh. The agency is the best for booking a cheap air ticket. You can book air tickets on the company’s web portal with only 4 clicks. It provides tour packages and hotel reservation services all over the world with a minimum profit margin. The other services of the company are also satisfactory in respect of price as well as the quality. Moreover, the employees of the company are very much professional and highly experienced. They possess expertise in their service area. For all its attributes, many prefer the company to others for any travel necessities. So, Buy Air Ticket Ltd. can be your next travel partner undoubtedly.

2. Flight Expert (

Flight Exper is one of the best travel agencies in Bangladesh. It also provides almost all travel services. The services include air ticket booking, hotel room reservations, tour packages, visa processing, and so on. You can take any service from the company with trust. The quality of the services of this company is also amazing. A good number of people prefer the company for their travel necessities.

3. Share Trip (

Share Trip is also one of the leading travel agencies in Bangladesh. It is famous for its outstanding travel services. People happily buy the services of the company. The services it provides are air tickets, tour packages, visa processing, hotel room reservation, and many more. As Share Tip is a good travel partner, you can take the services of the company giving no second thought.

4. Fly Hub Travel Bangladesh Ltd. (

Fly Hub Travel Bangladesh Ltd. is a popular travel agency in Dhaka. This Banani-based travel agency specializes in air ticket booking. It sells air tickets at a low price. It also offers other travel services. It sells its services to both B2C and B2B clients. The B2Bs are performing well with the company’s help and support. You can book air tickets with ease and comfort from the company.

5. Buy Tickets (

Buy Tickets is another leading travel agency in Bangladesh. This travel agent provides all types of flight tickets including Umrah flights, hotel room reservation services, package tours, visa processing services, Umrah packages, and many more. The company provides quality services to attract clients. You can compare air ticket prices on the company web portal. As a result, you can get a clear idea about the current air ticket price and can book the cheapest air ticket.

6. TALON Corporation Ltd. (

TALON Corporation Ltd. is a big name in the travel industry in Bangladesh. It provides amazing travel services. The travel agency has a worldwide network of hotels and resorts. Consequently, it can provide you with all-inclusive tour packages throughout the world. It covers from 3-star hotels to 7-star hotels and offers them at a competitive price. The company can be your partner for your next trip.

7. Hajee Air Travels (

Hajee Air Travels is a renowned travel agency in Bangladesh. People love the agency for booking air tickets. The company has an enriched web portal. You can get air tickets to any destination in the world from the website. It has the highest coverage of flight tickets. The company is also ideal for B2B sub-agents as it helps and supports other subordinate agencies. Not only B2B agents but also retail customers are satisfied with the services of the company.

8. Dynamic Travels (

Dynamic Travels is one of the top-rated travel agencies in Bangladesh. It provides all sorts of travel services to both retail and B2B clients. The agency has a major operation with local and international corporate houses, buying houses, garment exporters, banks and financial institutions, other fellow travel agents, many more! As it provides services to other corporate offices, the employees of the company maintain a high level of professionalism. You can take its services for a better travel experience.

9. Versatile Travels & Tours Ltd. (

Versatile Travels & Tours Ltd. is one of the top travel management companies in Dhaka, that provides all types of travel services. The company designs and offers its services for all budgets. The company also offers its services to both B2B and B2C clients. Many renowned organizations are taking their travel services from the company. The company has been serving travelers for almost 30 years with delight and honor.

10. Al Gazi Travels Ltd. (

This is one of the oldest travel agencies in Bangladesh. The agency is providing its services for both local and international destinations. People love the services because it offers the best quality services at the lowest price as most of its services are budget-friendly. The company is very responsive to serving the clients. Since its establishment in 1982, the company has been providing amazing services which is why it has a large customer base.

Travel Agency Service List

-Air Ticket Booking

Air Ticket booking is the most sought out travel service throughout the world. Travelers who travel from one county to another mainly depend on air travel. Moreover, many travel by air on domestic routes. The airline companies sell their tickets at a fixed price. On the other hand, travel agencies provide those tickets at discounted a price. This is why people love to buy air tickets from travel agents. You can book air tickets online with no hassle from an online travel agency. Your booked ticket will be sent to your email once the booking payment is confirmed.

-Tour Packages

Tour packages are the second most sought out service. Travel agents know about worldwide travel trends and festivals well. As a result, they design and offer tour packages to travelers according to travelers’ needs. The agencies also provide customized tour packages to travelers who travel for different purposes other than spending vacations. Tour packages travel agencies offer include Vacation Tour Packages, Honeymoon Tour Packages, Business Travel Packages, Corporate Meet-up Packages, and many more! Book your travel packages from a trustworthy travel agent in Dhaka.

-Hotel Room Reservations

Travel agencies have a strong network with hotels and resorts throughout the world. As a result, they can provide worldwide accommodation services to travelers. Travelers themselves may not be able to take the services. Travel agencies make the services easily accessible for them. The agencies provide hotel room reservation services for all kinds of hotels and resorts, such as 3-star, 5-star, and 7-star hotels and resorts. The agencies can provide hotel room reservation services at a lower price than that of hotels and resorts themselves offer.

-Visa Processing

A successful visa approval requires proper visa processing documentation. The travel agents are the skilled professionals who can process the documentation skillfully. The success ratio of visas processed by travel agents is higher. The travel agencies provide tour visa processing services for almost all the countries in the world. If you’re traveling to any foreign country that requires a pre-arranged visa for your access to the country, you’re recommended to take the visa processing service from a travel agent.

-Flight Reschedules

If you need to reschedule your flight, you can get it done by the travel agency that booked your ticket. Please be informed that only refundable tickets are refunded. To refund a ticket, the airlines and your travel agency will charge you the refund fees, and after deducting the fees you will be refunded the remaining value of your ticket. However, no refund is given for non-refundable tickets. So, you’re recommended to buy a refundable air ticket if there is any possibility to reschedule your ticket.

-Flight Cancelation

If any unexpected situation makes you cancel your flight, you can do it by a travel agency. You can get a refund for your ticket if it is a refundable one. However, you can’t get any refund for a non-refundable one. To get your ticket refunded, you only need to provide your booking details. Please be advised that buy an air ticket only when you are confirmed about your travel date or avoid any other issues that may be a cause of your flight cancelation because it costs you much. So, please take this into your consideration.

-Extra Baggage Allowance

Are you worried about your baggage limitation? Don’t worry! You can add an extra baggage allowance on your travel and carry necessary belongings. For this, you have to buy a slot or a piece of extra baggage allowance. You need to buy the full slot or piece even if you don’t need to use the full allowance. There is no way to pay as you go. However, when you make a decision to buy an extra baggage allowance, a travel agency can help you out by buying this. The agency will cost you a little service charge.

-Flight Upgradation

Travel agents are always ready to help you out with any travel necessities even if it is the case of flight up-gradation. If you change your mind to upgrade your ticket class, you can get it done by a travel agent with no hassle. You can avail of an upgraded air ticket if your desired ticket is available at the time of your up-gradation. There is no obligation for the airlines to ensure you an upgraded ticket even if you purchased a lower class one. You can also get the service from a travel agent.

-Accessible Travel Booking

Accessible travel booking makes travel easier and more enjoyable for travelers with disabilities. Airlines make the arrangement on request. So, please inform your reservation officer about your special care requirement. According to your requirement, the airlines will arrange the necessary facilities for you. However, if you don’t inform at the time of your booking, it is okay to inform the officer at least 48 hours prior to your flight. As the arrangement is rarely requested, don’t forget to inform your reservation officer; the airlines may not have the arrangement if you don’t inform them ahead of your travel.

Why Use A Travel Agent?

-To Find The Right Place For Your Vacation

Time is the most valuable thing in your life and you’re not willing to spoil it by exploring the right destination. In this regard, you need to get the help of a travel agency. It can help you to find a better destination for you that you didn’t even know before. A place seems to be good on Television not in real life. That is why a travel agent can help you to find the right place for your vacation.

-To Save Time And Money

You can save your money with the help of a travel agent that provides you with the best destination. If you would like to do it yourself you may not be able to arrange everything you want. A travel agent may help you by booking a travel package that includes everything you need for your tour.

-To Travel At The Best Time

A travel agent knows when is the best time to go on a trip. It also can help you with what facilities are available for you to enjoy your trip. For this reason, you need to get the help of a travel agent. However, some trips are offered only through travel agents. If you want to enjoy such a trip you need to book the tour package through a travel agent.

How To Find Out The Best Travel Agency

  • Look for the right certification to determine the travel agency is legit.
  • Interview the agent to check if he or she has expertise in the service area.
  • Discover their professionalism and how they react under pressure.
  • Know the rating of the agency on their Local Business (GMB) page and social media pages. A good agency has more than 4.5 ranting out of a total of 5.
  • Ask the agent for references and talk to them about their experience with the agency.
  • Ask your acquaintances for their experience with the agency and value them.
  • Check out their charges and determine if they sell at a reasonable price.
  • Compare their price and service qualities with other agencies and pick the best one.
  • Inspect if they provide after-sales service and resolve your problem instantly if you face any.
  • Finally, use your instinct to determine the agency is the best for your travel services.

Final Thoughts

When we buy a travel service, we always try to buy it from the best travel agency. For this why we need to find the best travel agency list. The agency is mostly recommended because its services are the best in all respects and you can end up experiencing its services.

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